Jarabacoa is the Eco Tourism Capital of the Caribbean!

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> Beautiful Surroundings and Garden Areas

> Breathtaking views and lush rolling mountains

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Mi Vista Mountain Resort is a unique inclusive resort located in the mountains of the Dominican, boasting breathtaking views and lush rolling mountains dotted with royal palms and fruit trees. 

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Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

When Christopher Columbus, the Dominican Republic's first tourist, stepped ashore
on this land over 500 years ago, he marveled at its beauty. Writing to King Ferdinand
and Queen Isabella, he called it "The most beautiful land the eyes of a man have
ever seen." To this day, there is no record of any visitor ever having contradicted him.

For a complete change of pace, the crisp air and alpine vegetation of the country's
central mountain range are every bit as enthralling as the beaches.

Two inland cities, Constanza and Jarabacoa glitter in their mountain setting.
Framed against intensely blue skies, they offer a cooling respite from the
coastal heat, and an awesome visual panorama that enfolds in every direction.
Easily reached by fine roads from the North and South, they lie at the foot of
majestic Pico Duarte, at over 3,175 meters (10,000 feet) the Caribbean’s
highest point and a favorite of mountain climbers.

The small lodgings that characterize this rugged region have recently opened
their doors to eco-tourism and have designed challenging tours, treks, and hikes
for nature lovers.

Once you've visited the Dominican Republic, you may also agree that Columbus
was right. It is certain that no other country could hope to match the profuse
splendor of its intensely green valleys punctuated by scores of sparkling rivers,
nor equal the awesome majesty of its towering mountains, nor rival the primitive
beauty of its cactus filled deserts, nor compete with the silvery allure of its
innumerable beaches.

The warm and hospitable Dominican people will open their doors, their arms and
their hearts to bid you welcome.

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